Exterior Painting

What About
Bad Weather?

You may be wondering how weather can impact an exterior painting project. Will it damage fresh paint? How long will work be delayed? When is the safest time to paint? For obvious reasons, a sunny summer day is the most ideal time to be painting outside. However, nature cannot always provide that, and it can leave a freshly painted home with weather damage. Luckily, the professional exterior painters at Better Business have experience with this and know exactly how to protect your home in adverse conditions.

What Types of Exteriors
Require Painting?

There are many different kinds of exteriors that require paint. This includes brick, vinyl siding, wood and many others. Every type has its own unique requirements , such as surface prep or specific paint. Our experts know exactly what each surface needs, so you can be certain the work is always done right. Whether it be power washing, sanding or filling in cracks, we know what needs to be done.

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